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Donchez Dacres Jamaican Singer Songwriter, UK

Herrol Dacres/alias, Donchez Dacres was born in Nottingham, England and was taken to Jamaica at three old. He returned to England at the age of eighteen to live in Wolverhampton where he currently resides. He is 62 years old.

As a singer song writer of many styles, Music has always been his inspiration. Most of his own songs are predominately reggae influenced with a commercial edge. When he is singing, he feels so good and everyone around him always seems to pick up on that vibe which puts him into a zone. 

Donchez Dacres entered Britain got Talent 2018 with his own song and dance, entitled WIGGLE WINE. He had made such an impact on the audience and the judges with his performance it had actually got him the golden buzzer from David Walliams and came 3rdin the competition singing another one of his infectious songs Only A Man.

I have been performing my own and other artist songs:- Reggae, Classic Soul, Motown, Dancehall and a view Hum dinging  Northern soul songs for the past 20 years.  I am energetic, enthusiastic and very exciting to watch. I will elevate your party to a whole new level, have you dancing all night long!!

Donchez Dacres has now completed his 10 track album ready to be released.

He has release 3 singles taken from the album, with full music videos. 

Donchez Dacres Official Music Videos.





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Herrol Dacres, alias Donchez Dacres, is an English-Jamaican Singer Songwriter whose songs are predominately Reggae influenced with a commercial edge. Donchez currently resides in Wolverhampton and performs around the UK at live events.

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